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With AssetYa you can list your property for Sale, Long-Term and Short-Term lease for FREE without paying any commission. You can also receive online offers and bids from interested tenants and submit counteroffers.

By using AssetYa’s FREE services you can save THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS by simply selling or leasing your property on your own, instead of paying the traditional 6% realtor’s commission. Who doesn’t want to save $30K on average, right?
AssetYa will also place you right in the center of the negotiation process, which means you will get to know exactly what is going on, without relying on someone else’s words. Nobody likes to be kept in the dark, especially when it comes down to your property.

We will help you set the right price estimation for your property whether you are selling or leasing your home, to make sure you attract the right potential buyers. This is also important so you don’t set your home value too high or too low. With AssetYa, you would be able to find potential buyers, negotiate terms online via text, audio and even video chat, safely from the comfort of your own home.

Of course! Once you list up your property, AssetYa will present a list of potential buyers that meet your criteria, so can easily and instantly reach out to them, to start negotiating terms or simply invite them for an open house. AssetYa will also show who viewed and liked your property, so you can connect with them right away. It’s just like dating, but without any downsides to it.

AssetYa gives you the Freedom to Choose. You can either use our most advanced tools to sell or lease your home on your own and save TONS OF MONEY (don’t worry we will be there for you for each of the steps), or you can find a real estate agent through our platform and ask them to list your property on your behalf. In any case, you will always get to be a part of the negotiation process if you choose to, so you can always stay informed and up to date.

No at all! Whether you are a beginner or a pro, our user friendly services are designed to create a home shopping experience simpler than ever. AssetYa will guide you through step-by-step throughout the entire process, until you sell or lease your home. You will also get professional tips and suggestions while negotiating online, to ensure you get the best deal possible. It’s like having a professional virtual private real estate agent on your side 24/7 for FREE!

AssetYa services are intended for FSBO (For Sale BOwner). That means, that you can list your property on your own without the need of having a realtor’s license. It is really as easy as 1-2-3!
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